Monday 14 June 2021

Finance Investment Movement 10

New month and new promotion came into my view. Previously I had considered but gave it up due to lack of funds. This time, I could come up with $2000 to kickstart my new Tiger Brokers account. The sign up was a little confusing at first as there was registration via mobile followed by account opening. Confirmation of the setup was received within hours and funding took a few minutes to show up in the trading account. I opted for the margin one instead of cash. The sweetener to this promotion was the 5 free Xiaomi shares together with 1 Apple share as shown below. For the other bundled promotion items, it's weird one has to click to collect or risk them expiring in 20 days.

It was rather exciting to take part in the first ever voting campaign for Nexo crypto token. Eventually an overwhelming majority voted in favour of allocating interest accrual for all account holders regardless of tokens on credit or at stake. The result was announced and dividend amounts were promptly disbursed. Great work there! It's got me thinking whether to put more crypto assets into this account.

Then over the weekend, I got a little fed up with Bitcoin that showed signs of further weakening amidst regulators scrutiny. Eventually, I decided to sell all while contemplating a new strategy. Small profit for a peace of mind.

Tip: El Puntido Rioja 2016, chocolate, good balanced berry and fruits.

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