Finance Sharing

29 February 2024
The STI earnings report generally felt like a mixed bag of sweets. Some were pleasant and their results showed good resilience while keeping dividends payout stable eg banks. Some were sour and likely to be downbeat for a while eg Reits and properties. My stock portfolio movement in the past month was negligible. The only gains came from cryptos which jumped massively as investor sentiments were positive, especially since the Bitcoin halving event is about to happen in two months. Cash dipped a little as I topped up CPF and SRS for tax savings. 

31 January 2024
Last year, I kept track of my asset movements closely which in turn gave good insights into the cashflow situation and investment allocation plus returns. Majority of funds went to SSB, T-bill and fixed deposit. A fine example of the most conservative form of investment. About S$10k of interest/coupon income was achieved. This was a result of active management as the funds were moved around to capture yields especially when there were promotions. While I'm pleased with the overall gains, I feel the need to move a little faster to riskier assets. For the first quarter, I will not do much portfolio tweaks. Thereafter, the plan is to accumulate Reits and global equities. This could be in managed funds or other means. To give myself a push, I'm setting an ambitious target to achieve 20% portfolio increase. Good luck to me!