Finance Sharing

28 February 2023
The macro front doesn't look pleasant at the moment. It's quite likely things have to get worse before it can be better. Back in Oct 2022 sharing, I had guessed Fed interest rates will top at 4.75%. Now, it looks very possible to go even higher by another 0.5%. Nevertheless, I shall continue to stay invested with a buy and trade strategy, releasing some of the warchest previously accumulated. This started with 1300 shares of Lion Phillip ETF purchased at $0.912. It is planned for long hold and helped to average down current holdings to $0.958. Next, I sold call options on Coinbase and Paypal, plus a put on Tesla. These yielded US$76. Comparing this and last month, there's not much change in net asset movement. That's a slight disappointment and I aim to do better in the coming month by keeping tab on expenses.

31 January 2023
Every eligible person would have have heard the sweet kaching sound of CPF interest credited on the first day of the new year. It's been an endurance path of slow accumulation and optimizing along the way. It felt good to start monitoring years ago and see results today. This is something I'm eager to teach my kids. For 2023, I think it's a make or break year. We have positioned the global economy in a precarious way. The confluence of Covid handling, Ukraine invasion, high inflation and trade disputes are reaching worrying levels. Disagreements are threatening to make the situation worse. So as an investor, I expect a tough ride. The first half could represent a march towards a cliff and when hope is fading, a late second half soothes nerves and bring things back in line. Fortunately, I had been building cash and prepared to either tide over or put into worthy investments. My target is 15% increase in overall portfolio, aided by new streams of income from SSB, dividends and option premiums. I work with what I have and hopefully improve returns and gain new discoveries.