Monday 31 May 2021

Month of May 2021

The dominant theme of this month was "Be Grateful".

Things that happened:

1) Entered ICT, prepared for impending exercise and government announced heightened measures. Exercise got cancelled and had to stay home for remainder of ICT which is unheard of.

2) Insurance bill arrived for wife's specialist consultation with hospital observation overnight. Claim was approved and had to pay co-deductible portion which I'm fine with. Medical issue was not deemed serious fortunately and hopefully she stays healthy.

3) Increased my stock exposure for dollar cost averaging during a month where some quarters would advise selling and staying away. Experienced see-saw price movements in crypto assets but at peace with what's going on, hence just left things to be.

4) Celebrated my birthday with the last dining out opportunity at Robertson Quay's Shunjuu Izakaya before restaurants closed.

5) Bought some nice wines at a promotion.

6) Finished reading a book and commencing on the next one.

7) Picked up an Edusave award for son's effort in school.

8) Bade farewell to a company intern who's enlisting for NS.

Tip: Tenuta San Guido Le Difese 2018, lovely bouquet of blackcurrant, cherry and oak

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