Wednesday 23 June 2021

Gains From A Loss

The dentist lifted up the scaler and proclaimed, "You're done!", sending relief over me as the annual teeth cleaning ritual came to a conclusion. "Rinse your mouth first." Ok done as I sat up, ready for a few pointers before walking out of the room.

"Do you want to extract the wisdom tooth?"
He probably could see my slight frown and feel the hesitation. I mean, the tooth had been in situ for a number of years though I could feel the gradual deterioration with stuck bits every now and then. Irritable gums were also becoming irritating. The tooth was slowly decaying. Deep down, I knew extraction was inevitable eventually.

The procedure would take less than 10 minutes and cost $180. I accepted the proposal after some dallying. So he began the local anaesthetic process, it was much less painful compared to previous injection experience. After rubbing the injection site for about a minute, the dentist declared he was ready. Using a tool to grip the tooth, he tugged and rotated, exerting much strength till the assisting nurse had to steady my head from shaking. All the while, he commentated on the progress and reassured me to call out if I felt any pain. Just a few minutes later and the offending tooth finally dislodged.

I was mighty impressed with the short time and painless experience. Before I left, the dentist made sure to remind me not to consume hot food or any violent mouth gurgles. So I joked perhaps I could have a beer later to cool down. Indeed, I ended up at Wheelers Estate in the evening and ordered two Asahi whites in my continued support of local food businesses.

At night, throat and gum soreness bothered me enough to give in to one dose of panadol. The next day, I was more than 60% recovered. To anyone having this problem, I think I would make a good ambassador helping to convince. The gains from this loss of a tooth were better than expected. I look forward to better gum health, less tooth sensitivity and banished the thought of a scary wisdom tooth extraction.

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