Tuesday 22 June 2021

3 Free Benefits In A Day

Given the times we live in, we should be celebrating any little bits of joy as health is most important to be able to enjoy life in the moment.

The school holidays end in a week so I decided to take a day off and bring the kids out. Arriving at 930am, we began the trail walk at Thomson Nature Park. It was our first time and given a distance of 3.8km, it shouldn't take too long to complete. It had rained the night before so I was a little worried. The route was well marked and shaded. Luckily it wasn't as muddy as I expected. Going up and down gentle slopes, this was a relaxing way to start the day. Unfortunately, there was no sight of the Raffles Banded Langur or Black Spotted Squirrel. An hour and 100 calories burnt later, we went off to support the much awaited reopening of The Roti Prata House. How we missed sitting in a coffeeshop partaking simple food pleasures such as Teh Tarik.

After dropping the kids at home, the wife and I went off to Singtel Shop at Comcentre. We were there to return the TV box and cancel its subscription. This came about as we evaluated our TV habits and concluded that Netflix, Amazon video and Youtube had enough content to keep us entertained. This meant a saving of about $65 per month which can be better utilized. Then we went to The Glass House at Chijmes to support another reopened cafe. The coffee was brewed in a precise way for quick sips.

In the evening, met a friend with whom we shared common stock trading experiences. He had signed up for Tiger Brokers upon my referral and both of us just started using the account. I had done a trial trade earlier that day with the stock voucher and received $60 rebate. Nice way to earn some extra cash.

It was a day where I got to enjoy a unique combination of money saving actions through family bonding, change of viewing habit and sharing goodies with friends.

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