Wednesday 30 June 2021

Month of June 2021

Half a year has gone by so it's good to review what has happened.

At the beginning of the year, I was skeptical where this Covid situation and vaccination program were going. It turned out we are no closer to solving this global illness even though many developed countries had gone on to vaccinate large parts of their population. Singapore may be doing better but it remains only useful in the local context and travel will not return by year end, I think. My son asked when would it possible for him to see snow, I just replied hopefully soon with a mental footnote that it meant 2022 or later.

Looking at the impact of lockdown on retail businesses, it was a sobering reminder that older folks likely suffered the most as they were digitally lagging, unable to tap on online marketing, delivery and payment resources. Technology has taken on huge importance in business operations and it cuts across all industries, layered with environmental considerations on top. Like it or not, either you embrace this or risk being left behind. Personally, I had been doing more online shopping this year than all of previous years combined, that included new experience in live auction and sale types of purchases eg buying fresh fish!

As I look at my investment and saving goals, it's a rather disappointing picture. I'm only 20% into savings achievement, have less cash on hand and not being invested as much as I would like. The bright spots are continued CPF increments, tried new trading platform and generally good hold up in asset value. I am still trying to digest so many conflicting views regarding market directions and crypto legitimacy, hence shall not make any definitive adjustment to my portfolio.

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