Monday 8 August 2022

The 4.0 World

We live in an uncertain world, right?

Rather, I like to think we are the ones who created an uncertain world. Nature has its laws and assuming minimal interference, things should proceed as how it should be to achieve harmony and balance. Ancient Chinese philosophers studied this in detail and preached the concept of Yin and Yang. However, where waters flow from the mountains to the seas, we chose to dam and control the movement. Where there is forest inhabited with its wildlife, we razed the ground for housing and office purposes. These are now slowly coming back to bite as climate changes, unleashing fluctuating extreme temperatures and causing floods from melted ice.

Yet, what we continue to do is to churn out more uncertainty as a frightened response. A country worried for its security decided to strike its neighbor first in order to guard its borders. A trip to Taiwan by a US official resulted in a 4 day military exercise, complete with live ammunitions. In Singapore, we beautify the parks but forgot to check the proper execution to clear a strip of woodlands. So what we are left with are more question marks than answers. At the end, it just shows deliberate ignorance while pursuing self interests. Because these things wouldn't have occurred if there were thoughts made before they happened. The world is beginning to look like a daunting place where the mighty, influential or vested authority seemed to be making decisions that upset the majority.

Whatever happens on a macro level filters down to the average person. We are more concerned with the next meal and having a roof over our heads. I am worried for the next generation as affordability becomes an issue. Too many $1m HDB transactions are not a good signal and neither is the increasing health related costs. But I have to first take care of myself, without harming the others or environment. As I watch the financial markets keenly, I know there are many sharks out there but perhaps a leap of faith is needed to make that breakthrough to accelerate returns. That's the fastest way to ensure stability and lift those around me. Are we ready for the challenging times ahead while uncertainty lurks?

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