Monday 22 August 2022

Overview Of National Day Rally 2022

The most anticipated speech in Singapore did not disappoint as PM Lee outlined his long term vision in 2.5h on live television. I usually make it a point to attend this event as it offers clues on upcoming directions in policy making.

The repeal of Section 377A frankly did not resonate much with me. This law has been around since 1930s and overdue for an update as societal norms changed over time. Indeed, what PM said summed it best that private matters between individuals that does not cause public nuisance or harm should not be punished. As the Singaporean core matures, I think most people are able to accept this explanation. While we do not encourage, neither do we want to over-police matters. The focus is rightly on family nucleus and more resources must be given.

The geopolitical situation and economic implications were addressed and I liked the way PM put it across as clear as day to "get real". I hope this message got into the minds of 2 groups of people; the young ones yet to or about to start work and the old ones resistant to change. We lived through a few stable decades and I think the young ones assume that it's normal things are going to be status quo. Likewise, the old ones assume their working time is almost up and rather not rock the boat. They hang on to decisions made in the past. Such careless thoughts would be exposed within the next decade if we don't buck up and start to steer the boat away from its current path. While it's not my intention to broad brush the general public, I get the sense of little urgency in my personal interactions.

Finally, it's standard template to end the speech with optimism as the air and sea hub concept began to take shape along with big potential for land redevelopment. Residents around these areas must be hopeful of things to come. I'm excited to hear what new ideas we have to incorporate a sustainable ecosystem. I welcome new schemes for top talent as this would bring more dynamism but wish the "lesser" talents residing here now can be shepherded off over time. My opinion is the country needs growth but I rather it's at a lower pace and give locals the chance to take on bigger roles in middle and top management, through policy or incentive rather than lip service.

As per his usual style, PM orated various issues in a finely balanced manner. That's something everyone can learn from and likely the most challenging expectation the incoming PM has to meet. The only issue that I felt given insufficient air time is the cost of living. Given this would likely be PM's final rally, a brief mention was probably intended not to stir the hornet's nest as such sensitive and emotive issue would generate endless debates.

Good luck PM Lee and thanks for many years of outstanding public service, it's time for you to relax in the passenger seat.

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