Wednesday 31 August 2022

Month of August 2022

The month started with a visit to a physical event at the Asia Infrastructure Forum. The message from the various speakers is pretty clear; resource sustainability is at a critical point, not only for companies but also on individuals to put action into place. While progress has been very uneven, across countries and industries, more effort is required as we feel the heat of wildfires, droughts, inadequate drinking water and polluted air. I felt the awareness level was raised sufficiently and elevated our consciousness to be more prudent. What you can do starting today is to use less resource and use wisely, that would be a good first step.

I had the privilege to enjoy two new experiences, one for the wife's birthday and the other on a friend's recommendation. The first was a Japanese omakase at Sushi Yujo which I found by chance online. It's quite hard to find a reasonably priced set nowadays so I must commend the chef owner, Desmond, for being kind with his quality and well portioned servings. Apparently it's very popular and I think it deserved the high reviews. Perhaps I can go again when a new season arrives. The second was at Tong Xin Ru Yi Hotpot. What I liked about this restaurant is the clean premise, fresh food (I even had pig brains!), affordability and to sweeten it further, no corkage. Again, this is a crowded place and the only downside I can think of is the lack of parking lots in a super busy street. But I'll travel anywhere for good food and we are very blessed, living in a food haven.

In a rare occurrence, my wife took up golf lessons for the reason that she could play this as she aged. Considering her only form of exercise was grocery and window shopping, this was a complete reversal that I would never dream of. From her feedback, it seems like she's enjoying the coach's methods and with a friend alongside her, I guess it won't take long for both of them to be ready for the greens.

NDP was great! It's almost standard ritual to gather family and watch it on television. Instead of BBQ, we dined out at a cousin's place, indulging in tex-mex cuisine. I thought it was a long awaited celebration that we've been denied over the past two years. Kudos to the performers. I look forward to the NS Square concept that will take over the floating platform.

Tip: Tatenokawa Junmai Daiginjo Seiryu, mellow fruity, nice weight on the palate

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