Sunday 31 July 2022

Month of July 2022

The above picture was downloaded on 12 July and shows the Carina Nebula with a spectacular display of stars formation within their attendant galaxies. Ok, I'm not an expert and just wanted to marvel at the beauty of the universe while reminding myself that we are all just a speck in a mysterious world.

Yet, most of us are caught in the human rat race, sometimes showing petulant behavior such as she-warrior here, committing silly petty crimes or worse, harming innocent children. Already, life is tough enough and what's needed is a bit more patience and a generous mind. Usually, I mind my own business, focus on positive stuff and laugh.

For the first time, I attended a rugby match featuring the youngest son. He's the junior in the team, having joined actual training a few months ago since Covid stopped physical activities last year. In a game of 7-a-side, he was a substitute for both games played, coming in to play the second game for the final three minutes. Granted, he's not the most sports inclined but I saw that happy face chasing after his opponent and enjoyed the moment.

After 2.5 years of non travel, it was discovered that the youngest son's passport was expiring and thus began the long application process two months ago. While the document took one month to be ready, it was another three weeks to select an appointment date. On that day, we turned up at ICA and the building entry attendant was insistent to see some form of proof for the purpose of the visit. I looked up the mobile email folder but couldn't find an appointment reminder or confirmation. Logged into the ICA website to retrieve information but again there was none. Feeling a little flustered, I thought hard. Luckily, a SMS that was sent previously remained and I was definitely relieved to be waved through. The passport pickup was over in minutes as the boy had his retina scanned and fingerprints taken. Now, like the rest of the family, he can use the self service check in lane at the airport.

Tip: Tignanello 2017, fruit forward, smells floral and decent body. Can keep for few years

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