Monday 5 September 2022

My View On Lentor Modern

A week prior, I managed to secure a preview on the opening day at 4pm. When I arrived near the showflat, the surrounding roads were fully lined up with cars. By luck, an empty spot was available and I quickly slotted in. My wife, her friend and I met up with the agent near the entrance and the atmosphere was ringing with excited chatter.

Inside the hall, we were introduced to the concept which the developer termed as modern classic. I can see why. The building facade is dark colored, balcony and rails are beautifully aligned across all units. Three blocks of 25 storey each stand out against the surrounding private estate and empty land, depending on which direction you are looking from.

This project has huge plus points for being integrated with a retail mall spanning 96000sqft and the only one with MRT right below. It is designed to keep out noise by having a 200m long pool laid out above the highest retail level and car park entrance is deliberately kept to the side. The best units are the ones facing the private estate as they would be unblocked even for the lowest level unit starting at the fourth floor. However, those units on the other side are likely to be obstructed once the opposite land plot is sold. In total, we were informed there would be eleven plots of land in the Lentor estate for private apartments.

Given three minutes each, we viewed the two, three and four bedroom units and they had common features of a high 2.95m ceiling, a flex space (which I think could have been part of a bigger bedroom) and good sized bathrooms. Kitchen and living areas were rather standard compared to other projects. Maintenance fees were averaged around $400 plus.

The project is likely to be priced close to Amo Residence, I expect a hot take up rate. For someone who values privacy and wants the convenience of amenities by the doorstep, it's a best fit so long the price is right. Personally, while I liked the overall presentation, I rather wait for the adjacent launch by the same developer who bought for a lower per sqft land and therefore, the price should be more palatable. It's right across a road and I wish they would consider to link to the MRT via an underground walkway, creating a truly integrated project and adding more retail space. No harm dreaming, I guess. The Lentor Modern sales launch date is near, I'm getting ready to be stunned again.

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