Friday 8 April 2022

Everyday Is A Good Day

This was a recommended book from many sources and I really looked forward to my first experience with this author. Written in simple language and good pace, the story followed the protagonist's life story by looking back on events that happened between him and his family. I managed to complete this over two days.

It began with the protagonist's attempt to commit suicide after finding out he was excluded from the wedding of his daughter. Charley's life had been on a downward spiral after his glorified short career as a baseball player. It was a rather typical scenario of a mismanaged sportsman who fell on hard times and the family is broken. Without hope, he chose to die but to no avail. In the fog of pain, he was astonished to see his beloved mother who then started on the journey of recapping his important life moments. He was to realize how much he missed her after knowing her tough years in bringing up her children after the husband left. The twist comes at the end after it was revealed the story was told through his daughter which implied a reconciliation after all.

This sad but warm and uplifting story recounted each moment like a short and sweet recall. Its lesson is to encourage us not to take things for granted and live life positively. There will be pitfalls along the way and family is the best support.

Tip: La Dame De Montrose 2012, cassia, oak and full of berries. A wholesome mouthful.

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