Thursday 31 March 2022

Month of March 2022

Updated finance page.
I took my Pfizer booster shot at the start of the month. The side effects (or lack of) were much better than earlier rounds, just a couple of days feeling tired and a sore arm. But if given a choice, I wouldn't have wanted this. My reasoning is, having been fully vaccinated, the consequence would be rather mild if I fall sick. That also helps in building natural immunity. Also, there were already many close contacts who had succumbed and recovered. When the drug companies announced findings to support a fourth booster shot or perhaps even regular annual shots, I could see the dollar signs in the eyes and nothing else.

For this post's recommended drink, it came from a new japanese restaurant that my wife and I visited. It's called Goku Omakase and located at Robertson Quay. For the price point and quality of food served, it's value for money and we were so full at the end of dinner. Nothing too fancy was served but it shouldn't take long before we are back again.

Perhaps the best uplifting news of the month was the government's announcements of relaxation of Covid measures. They came earlier and were better than I expected. While the travel lane is open towards Malaysia, I'm not so sure as to how the implementation will be like. Thus, it should be much later that any consideration for travel is revived.

Tip: Harukasumi Green Label Junmai Ginjyo, rich and flavorful, slightly sweet

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