Saturday 30 April 2022

Month of April 2022

So it has finally happened. After 2 years of valiant resistance against Covid, my wife became the first in the house to test positive. The usual tell tale signs were there i.e cough, sore throat and lethargy. She was very confident even though she had negative returns for the first 2 days. And she was to be proven right. The recovery process went uneventfully as she isolated herself in the room while the children and I continued with our daily routine.

With the almost full relaxation of Covid measures, it's definitely a relief although I previously mentioned here that life during this period was quite enjoyable as well. This month saw the resurgence of road traffic especially at the Causeway Link to Malaysia. While I do not have relatives there, I was happy to hear colleagues reporting their joy of being able to reunite with family after so long.

One day while driving, I brought up the topic of maturity to my kids. With the combination of different ages and characters, sometimes it really drives me up the wall with their nonsense. But after the car ride, I reflected on my tone and was appreciative that they were still growing up in a normal way. Time will hopefully mold them well.

Whenever I look in the mirror nowadays, there is the gradual realization that age has really caught up. This was the motivation as I arranged a photoshoot for an individual portfolio. It was over in less than an hour and 4 softcopies were given to me 3 days later for a price of $148. The pictures captured a nice life moment as I strive to make more meaningful memories.

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