Tuesday 15 March 2022

Finance Investment Movement 19

The financial market is in a turmoil. Just watching the price of commodities rise in a straight line makes me dizzy. I may not have caught the gravy train to riches but the time is not for weak holders to go on a shopping spree. It is by choice that I'm staying on the side and observe the great volatility generated by yet another black swan event, this time caused by Mr Putin.

Crypto probably tell the best story whereby itself is already a big unknown. I saw my portfolio go up at the beginning of the month, then decline rapidly to go below last month's ending. Its correlation with the stock market is incredible except that the individual tokens can fluctuate wilder than the average stock. On this basis, I rather look for more stable instruments yet they must have inflation beating capability. At the moment, the best and safest thing I can think of is CPF. Based on calculation, I stand a good chance to become a CPF millionaire by retirement provided contributions continue at current pace.

An interesting conversation occurred when my children told me about their fascination with crypto after hearing from their online friends and videos. So I created a live crypto trading account with $100 and allowed them flexibility to trade whatever they want. Hopefully, this will form a good starting point to aid in their financial planning journey.

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