Wednesday 15 September 2021

Finance Investment Movement 13

My enthusiasm in trading Dow Futures dropped a notch as the market consolidated and gave no chance of entry points. It's well known that September is a month to stay away and it's proving so as I look elsewhere for some needed inspiration.

The only notable activity in crypto portfolio was a purchase of Aave as its price retracted in accordance with the trend. There seemed to be brewing unease over potential major regulator intervention especially when stablecoins are seen as systemic risk to the financial system. I lean towards the same feeling since many of these companies claim sufficient fiat or equivalent coverage for liquidity purpose but ultimately this is unaudited. So in the interest of transparency, I hope the information can be verified and would be a boost to crypto credibility.

Last week, I had a chat with a property agent friend as we reviewed rental or purchase options in the market. While she advocated "now is the best time to buy", I can't help but feel it's more about buying something one truly likes instead of buy to flip. Maybe I'm too emotionally attached so it becomes hard to let go when the time comes.

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