Thursday 22 April 2021

Sport On A Rainy Day

The skies started pouring from 11am and I was stuck at home, thinking whether it would clear by 3pm. A little nervous and a little excitement as I planned to play golf after not touching the clubs for almost 1.5 years. For warm up, I went to meet a friend for range practice at 12pm, hoping not to "malu" myself later with a group of new friends. It was very rushed though as I went through 60 balls in half an hour and had to prepare myself for a last minute online meeting. The ball stroking felt familiar even though I had only been playing golf just three years ago. Meeting was over in an hour and we went to have a quick lunch, occasionally looking up to see the drizzly sky. Looks like the game may have to be postponed. But this thought was extinguished by a phone call from a friend who had already reached Mandai Executive Golf Course. There would be no refund for cancellation and no rebooking.

For those in the know, this course is notorious for its sub standard condition. Cow grass surrounds the fairways and the putting green can be uneven. For a rainy day, the condition is worsened by muddy patches and water pools. Worst of all, it is an all walking course only. So the game started on time. In front of a crowd waiting behind, my tee off was decent, a shot to the right of the hole that landed 40 meters away. Today's result should be quite ok. Second hole, I lost the ball after tee off even though I was sure it landed nicely among some trees. Never mind, I wasn't affected as throughout the game, I didn't lose another ball nor went out of bounds while mishitting some shots. Overall score was my usual standard. Even though the weather didn't play ball, I enjoyed a bit of exercise, regained game finesse and had good fun with friends. Best part is, the phone was kept in silo. Now my shoulders are aching and have a blistered thumb.

Tip: La Chapelle La Mission Haut Brion 2014, very approachable with no decanting

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