Wednesday 14 April 2021

Finance Investment Movement 8

After spending much time researching and trying to find a good deal, I finally got into the space of crypto staking. For years, I had held onto minute amounts of Eth via Coinbase and Coinhako. Then slowly converted some to Btc so they were almost equal in value. It was meant as product risk diversification since both were crypto leaders by a mile and I didn't know which to put my faith in. As some profits were made, some Eth were swapped into Xrp and Polkadot. Pleasantly, Coinhako had a special event where they gave free Doge for trades done so I managed to get some. Also, I made use of reward points to redeem for some Bat. Now, I hold these 5 coins and watch intently each morning I wake up to find out the latest valuation. It's just been too crazy as prices climbed relentlessly. I'm simply shocked that the crypto asset seemed to have a life of its own. Though I hope this doesn't stop, the reality is a drop is inevitable.

The next step was to open a Nexo account and place some Eth to gain interest and stake where possible. It's another area that's newly opened to me and I'm excited to see how this fares.

Other things I have done this month was to renew the fixed deposit with DBS at 1.15% pa, observe Syfe portfolio inching up a little and stalking certain local stocks for potential trade.

Tip: Attems Pinot Grigio 2019, slightly nutty and showing signs of going downhill

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