Monday 31 July 2023

Month of July 2023

Updated finance page.

The recovery from my nose ops is going well. I'm able to take deep breadths through the nostrils compared to perpetual stuck feeling previously. The doctor was optimistic that things should get even better after the scabs from healed areas drop off eventually. Yet, I have to live with reduced sense of taste and smell for now and it's probably at least two to three months later that I could enjoy an aromatic meal properly. At the moment, there's a weird dried blood and rotting smell lingering in the nasal cavity. Also, I was advised to lose at least 8kg in order to achieve a better outcome post surgery. Well, after being on a light liquid diet for almost three weeks, half of that was gone! The bigger challenge lies ahead.

The National School Games season started for the youngest son which took place over two weeks. His rugby team had to play nine games, each lasting ten minutes. Last year, due to Covid, the rules were tweaked towards touch rugby but that changed to full contact now. It was rather entertaining to watch the boys of various sizes going up against each other, in full sunshine and muddy conditions. My boy did pretty well as he started all the games, compared to last year when he was mostly a substitute. It was a swift transition from being hesitant to unafraid of going in a tackle. His ball handling improved and there was a semblance of tactical team play.

There was another business travel clocked as I headed to Jakarta with a colleague. We arrived on a weekday evening, had dinner and headed to bed early. The next morning, the alarm went off at 3am as I freshened up to go to the airport once more. We had planned a day trip to Palembang for a site meeting and plant visit. Our hosts were very kind to provide snacks and meals which were mainly fried and fish related as they were near the sea. Everything went smoothly until the evening when we encountered the notorious traffic jam, reaching the check in counter forty minutes before flight time. Dinner was a disappointment as we settled for A&W and got served a very dry beef burger while root beer was out of stock. The highlight of this trip was I took four flights in four days, using three different airlines where two were for first time experience (Batik Air and Citilink).

Tip: Marc Soyard L'Equilibriste Rouge 2019, light natural wine with mini bubbles on an inky palate

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