Saturday 15 July 2023

Finance Investment Movement 35

During a morning visit to one of my favorite wanton mee stall, I was taken aback that a bowl now costs $4, up from $3.50 from about two years ago. Prior to that, it was $3 for as far as I patronized it. The portion remained the same. On the one hand, I can empathize the tough life of being a hawker. Yet, this latest price jump is starting to pinch my wallet. Nowadays, a simple meal with my family easily comes close to $40 or more. For an entire day, there might not even have spare change for $100. What this means is that I have to be more prudent in discretionary spending and find more ways to increase income.

This month, I recycled $9000 of redeemed T bills into the latest tranche for 3.99% yield. Also, the Aud fixed deposit matured and was renewed at 2.96% for 2 months. I chose a short tenor as I felt the interest rate will go higher by then. Whenever it can offer 3.5%, I will lock in for the longest period available. As for SSB, I can finally proclaim to have completed the ladder formation to receive coupons every month for the next ten years (as mentioned). The average yield is 3.11% although the total amount invested is still rather small at $40k. I consider this phase one completed. Going forward, phase two is to achieve at least double the amount at higher returns. Hence, I have decided to skip this month's offer. Then, phase three would be to continually monitor, swop for better rates and extend the life of the bonds. At least that's for the short term if interest rates remain elevated.

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