Saturday 21 May 2022

The Role We Play In Each Other's Life

I didn't plan to read this as I thought to take a break from "personal development" genre of books and perhaps read something fictional. But as luck would have it, my wife happened to borrow from the library and I swooped in once she had completed it.

It's such an amazing coincidence that she would pick this book from Mitch Albom, making it my second experience with this author. There's a familiar theme to the previous one I read in that the story began with a near death experience. This time, the protagonist got into a dreamy and fantasy like world where she got to meet five people her life crossed path with. Each of them showed her their version of heaven and how the interaction on earth impacted each other. The first person was the doctor who helped deliver her, then her childhood dog companion, her mum, the man who saved her from a falling carriage and finally her husband whom she had desperately tried to save on their wedding night when things started to unravel. To each, there was an attachment on how they interacted and also an opportunity to explain the actions taken then. The underlying message is that despite the ending of a period in time, it spells the beginning of another. Our time in the present will shape and influence who we are and others as well.

Just like the dog, I think what's most important to learn and appreciate is to empathize with others. If one can really achieve that, the world would be a much kinder and calmer place. It's not an easy thing. Read this and treat others well.

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