Tuesday 31 May 2022

Month of May 2022

I have a narrow nasal passage and mostly breathing through mouth when asleep. Hence, my throat typically feels very dry after a night's rest. On Mother's Day, I woke up feeling the same but my wife told me to do ART test because she thought my overall condition looked different. The result came back negative and we proceeded for a dim sum meal with the kids and her mum. The next morning, I thought to do the test again just to be sure. This time, it was positive! As I recall, the infection probably came from the office environment where I was present for 2 days. Soon, my second son joined me in the isolation room and we were together until I got the all clear. Now, I have this nagging lower backache and no matter what position I adopt, the discomfort remains. Can only hope this clears up soon.

The bi yearly CPR/AED course was due and this time, the first day theory lesson was conducted online. The trainer was very sticky to ensure the participant's face was visible throughout for audit purpose. Learnt some new updates such as no need for bandage if victim suffered from jaw dislocation, continuous chest compressions without need to blow air into the mouth etc. Second day was in the classroom for practical tests on bandaging, rescue actions and injury management. I thought the most meaningful takeaway was that as a first aider, you improvise during a situation so as to preserve life. If you are given a chance to learn, go for it.

By now, most people would have heard about the coming inflation environment or is it already here? For the unaware, the loose monetary policy of the US Fed led to cheap and easy money during the start of Covid. As companies and individuals went on spending spree, they racked up large amounts of debts. Now, with the global economy showing recovery signs, the days of almost free money are about to end. Interest rates are rising and coupled with a tightened monetary policy, there will be pain for those servicing debts accumulated earlier. Buying food has also become an expensive trip as price of ingredients soars, wages increase due to short labor supply and rental adjustments to compensate for higher mortgage repayments. India has halted sugar export, Malaysia did likewise for fresh chicken and I'm sure more to follow. The ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is now showing as they are major suppliers of wheat, fertilizers and energy which are impacting food and industrial productions. For the average Joe and more so the below average ones, I expect a tough time till mid 2023.

Tip: Umenoyado Junmai Daiginjo, off dry with a tinge of fruity and sweetness

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