Thursday 16 July 2020

2020 Post Election Thoughts

Looking back the past ten days, the election buzz didn't exactly catch on in a manner I thought it would be. Online rallies and political broadcasts seemed to be a subdued form of communication between the participants while the rest of us look in. Sure, there were a few notable instances with several candidates picked out for their atypical introductions, indiscretions, catchphrases or memorable comments. However, these doesn't portend the discussion of basic life and economic issues that could have been more in depth. Over the last few years, in conversations with peers and generally looking around, I could feel the anxiety and frustrations built up on the ground. Rising living costs, competitive society pressures and less than rosy future for the next generation were commonly heard. Maybe it's because I belong to the sandwich generation and the surrounding people echo these pertinent questions frequently. Therefore the result is as per my expectation. Out of curiosity, I would be observing the number of flags hanging over the next one month. Now that the election is over, it's back to focus on surviving this pandemic situation. Businesses are withering, barely hanging and yet with no end in sight. It's clear that Singapore is vulnerable, extremely vulnerable. A renewed level of trust is required between government and people to ride out of the storm together. This election hopefully provided the platform. The hard work must start now.

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