Friday 22 December 2023

Closing Out 2023

I closed my eyes to recall and the first thought that came to my mind was, "What just happened? A year has passed again?" Nothing in particular stood out as it felt like moments went by too quickly to leave a significant imprint. My colleagues recently commented my hair seemed to be greyer than before. That's probably right, it's been so gradual that I didn't notice such a change. Perhaps it's because my health was more of a concern. According to the app, things have improved. Number of average steps clocked have increased by about 500 per day, 80 more calories were burned daily along with higher distances. A drop of 3.5kg body weight is the result of the effort made. Considering that I was sidelined by a nose operation and post recovery period of two months, the overall state is quite decent.

At work, the team achieved its target once again. They celebrated and morale was high. Inside, I felt mental stress, nil excitement and waiting for the pay cheque. My mind often drifted to when the next break would come. Social engagements were less as I declined a number of requests. Maybe it's due to me being more discerning about meaningless gathering for the sake of it. Most people I met remained as corporate contact, there's hardly any follow up unless required. We usually add each other on social media and to me, it's just a method to keep connected although I have also stopped wishing others on events like birthdays, congratulations on baby arrival and anything of note. I can't pinpoint what's caused this change. All I know is my work tank is running on empty. Even a few holidays this year couldn't re-energize my spirit. Those were mere distractions.

On the other hand, my financial journey is on track. Watching online videos on financial independence provided some joy and ideas to apply. I'm happy there's been real progression. This is well documented in the other posts of this blog. Markets are complex so it's been a good experience this year to manage new investment products while trying to find a correct mix. It's a looping process and more shall be done. I've been blessed in this aspect.

Just hoping to discover the mojo in life and improve myself.

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