Thursday 31 August 2023

Month of August 2023

Updated finance page.

Having lost a few kilos and trying to reduce more, I was thinking how to keep myself motivated. It's tough having to eat less so I rather burn more calories. That meant more and higher intensity activities. I did badminton with new friends and was breathless after an hour. Also tried new jogging routes near home and at Botanic Gardens. The furthest distance achieved was 4.7km and the cramps lingered for a couple of days. Walking was easy but the time efficiency value wasn't great. Among the various exercises, the most convenient was planking. It started with one minute in the morning after I wake up and then increased to two minutes at which I'm maintaining for now. The weighing scale remained stuck when compared to last month.

There were a number of meet ups with friends and business associates from overseas. Somehow, they managed to spread out and there was lunch/dinner appointment every week this month. In between, I visited Batam for site survey with two of them and stayed overnight. It's been such a long time since my last trip there and much changes were in store. New department malls, outdoor cafes and industrial developments sprouted everywhere. For a while, it felt like Singapore, where construction and road digging were part of the landscape. But there were also many empty storefronts and factories. Cost of living was affordable.

The best moment this month was to celebrate my wife's birthday. By some luck, we sneaked in last minute and watched the latest Mission Impossible movie at a Gold Class cinema. It's amazing how this franchise lasted so long and able to keep us captivated for almost three hours! Ethan Hunt will have to retire some day so let's enjoy while it lasts. Fortunately, I managed to refrain from visiting the restroom after restricting myself to a cup of ice lemon tea. Straight after, we went for dinner at Claudine. We already had fries and chicken wings earlier, so decided to manage the portions and ordered a pork terrine, tomato salad, cod and scallops. They came well plated like a garden and tasted delicious. The masterful technique was certainly a French culinary display, with the Ponderosa tomato dish a standout. Despite our full bellies, the meal rounded off with two desserts and a lovely digestif. Sometimes, we just have to indulge ourselves a little.

Tip: Iyo Kagiya Black Junmai Ginjo, nice aroma, mild candy floss and pear, supple finish

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