Wednesday 15 February 2023

Finance Investment Movement 30

It's been a few weeks of feeling good in the financial markets. The Nasdaq, in particular, had been on steroid booster after the US Fed sort of kept investor expectations in check. When I see the green highlights in a stock code, there is almost instant relief. So while basking in this positivity, something also don't feel right. There is an obvious inflation beating exercise going on, corporates are starting to report downbeat numbers, cut jobs and no major economy can confidently say it has recovered from Covid. I get that investors are forward looking and pricing in those expectations but I am skeptical. Is this the calm before a storm?

This month started with paying Careshield premium and my wife's life insurance. Upcoming would be the kids' insurance and taxes. I was looking at fixed deposit rates and then got alerted by HSBC about the latest account promotion. Any incremental balance in fresh funds for the next three months would enjoy 4.55% pa interest payout. Without hesitation, I quickly transferred excess cash over from SCB.

I'm happy to receive the first dividend payout from last month's investment in the Allianz fund. It worked out to 9% pa and while it showed price fluctuation throughout, it didn't matter as I was mentally prepared. If this continues on its current positive trajectory, further investment would be considered. On the other hand, I also wished to DCA into bank stocks. At least there's choices and I have time to think.

Tip: Michisakari Choutoku Daiginjo, clear and dry, a workmanlike drink

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