Monday 16 January 2023

Finance Investment Movement 29

I guess it's becoming a habit. As advocated by many in CPF discussions, I topped up the MA by $2500 on the first day of the year. However, the annual tax deductible portion of $8000 is unlikely to be fulfilled since I have achieved FRS. The next few months will be an assault on my wallet as bills are due for property tax, insurance, income tax and Medishield. 

For the last few months, while many put their cash in Tbills, I was also on the lookout for value in global high yield funds. After pondering for so long, I made the move by investing $2000 in Allianz Income And Growth. What interested me were the US centric focus, mixture of bonds and stocks and 9% pa yield at current price. Yes, the risk is there and I'm well aware of the coming wave of volatility. My view is the upside is at least twice the downside, so it's a bet I'm willing to take.

This year, I plan to track dividend yields and took a template to do this. Still monitoring it and hope this gives greater clarity on the cashflow.

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