Saturday 15 October 2022

Finance Investment Movement 26

In the past few weeks, there had been much impactful news that could move financial market sentiments. The Korean peninsula once again featured missile threats, UK did a major about turn in their tax cut plan, the western hemisphere continued its grapple with Russia and impending winter crisis while Asia got whipped by a typhoon with flood waters still yet to fully recede in Thailand. All these events inadvertently contributed to scary fluctuations in certain currencies and swung the global markets on a high rope. Amidst this chaos, Singapore respectably stood rather resilient, especially the SGD. Therefore an opportunity had risen. There were a buffet of choices if one had cash reserves.

It was after a long deliberation that I decided to do something. The November SSB offer of 3.21% marked a new record and I have set aside $10000 to apply although it's unlikely the full allocation will be given. Fixed deposit rates are reaching levels unseen since my younger days. It's tempting to put all idle cash in but I'll wait. As travel resumes and in anticipation, $1500 was exchanged for Yen and $6000 for Aud. Reits were going on a Great Singapore Sale and I picked up 5300 shares of Lion Phillip ETF at $0.981. Soon after, the price continued to tumble, reflecting even more market concerns. Next, one share of SPY was purchased at US$358. I expect this to drop more as the outside expectation of a recession is imminent. I don't think I'm done yet, hoping for more fruits to pick.

As requested by the kids for quite some time, the fibre plan was upgraded to 2Gbps with Singtel Wifi 6 extenders. The installers are coming next week and crossing my fingers that the intended speed and coverage will improve our surfing experience.

Tip: Bijoufu Junmai Ginjo One Grain For A Drop, great all rounder, a little sweet and gentle punch

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