Wednesday 15 June 2022

Finance Investment Movement 22

A long delayed task was finally completed. That's the Will endorsement of the wife and I which had been pushed back due to Covid and scheduling mismatch over the last few months. The trip to meet the lawyer lasted about 30 minutes as he confirmed the draft details, made a few minor amendments and then affixed our signatures to seal the first Will of our lives. It was also mentioned there would likely be a version two when situation changes later on in life.

One fine day, I received a text message from Syfe to open up a trade account and get a one day special promotion of S$15 credit for any deposit amount. So I tested its validity by completing the onboarding process and put in a dollar. Indeed, I saw the amount credited the next day. Next, I attempted to get the welcome bonus of S$60 by making a buy trade. The US market seems to be tanking at the right time for a foray so I went in for one share of SPY at $378.50.

After studying the JPM Income fund, I concluded not to proceed as the interest rate environment is not in its favor. You see, the main components are US long dated bonds and yields are rising, add in the management fee of 1%, the fund manager will have difficulty delivering positive returns this year. It's kept in my watchlist for now.

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