Tuesday 30 November 2021

Month of November 2021

Updated finance page.

Two weeks ago, I was fretting over the aimless direction for my investments. Then, news of a mutated Covid variant dropped in from nowhere and became the focus once again in our already battered world. With experience and adapted mentality, I feel most people would have accepted this quickly and gone on with life. My guess is, this new variant will spread faster but kill lesser. That's what viruses do, infect as many hosts and find a way to cope with the changing environment. Following this, we can expect to endure another six months of discomfort during the discovery and recovery phase.

Last week, I went to Far East Flora and bought a 5ft live Christmas tree. It used to be an annual thing until last year's break. Usually, I would have gone to Island Landscape but they were sold out and only took in pre orders. Even so, Far East only had 2 trees left by the time I got there. Without hesitation, I placed the order and chose a European Noble Fir. Many of the more beautiful looking ones had already been taken. As I made payment of $155, the tree got wrapped and eventually placed in my car boot. On the way home, I was thinking it's a rather lucky day to be able to secure a tree for a decent price (previously it cost $120) though the choices were limited. After placing the tree in the living room, I cut open the wrapper net and then realized this wasn't the one I picked! It's a USA Noble Fir, 6ft tall, nice shape and had a tag attached with the name "Joseph". Well, it's obvious the packer at Far East took the wrong one. So to Joseph, thanks for the good choice you made and hopefully you are given a similar one once they rectify the mistake.

Tip: Tenuta Lavite Lucente 2017, jammy with blackcurrants and full bodied

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