Monday 1 February 2021

Something's Wrong With Society

In this increasingly borderless world that's so well connected through technology, it is nearly impossible to stay still, not expect change and hope things remain in good shape. That's why people and companies feel the pressure of sustaining business and life becoming high pressured, sometimes even suffocating. The irony is this happens regardless of a good or bad economic environment. In this Covid period of persistent general weakness, one often hears the situation of health decline, job losses and bankruptcies. Imagine there is no Covid and countries are booming, the narrative changes to improvements all over. The downside? Increasingly, many would feel out of reach that they can't keep up with the rat race. That also leads to angst and threatens the well being of a person. Humans are ultimately inter-dependent and this Covid virus broke that connectivity people need by creating an invisible distance barrier. 

With less interaction, social and business activities become curtailed. That goes against the human psyche. It's so tough to remain sane when we are constantly bombarded by information and get stuck in a limited physical space. Covid has taught us to be wary and also caused us to be weary. Look at the amount of disinformation, riots and lawsuits in the media nowadays. With lesser corporate news to write, the focus turn to people, their beliefs and disagreements. They relate mostly on a personal basis. The most important hit that Covid has inflicted is the level of trust among people is diminishing. Country leaders argue over vaccine allocations and ordinary folks squabble for attention to their plight. The news diet we have now is unhealthy and negative. The world has become a very disunited one.

The only way out is to repair the trust deficit. We need visionary leaders who can persuade the masses to do what's correct and therefore unite societies. Individually, each person can be an ambassador of goodwill and help spread a little cheer all around.

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